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Route created by Porto Secret Spots

Welcome to the ancient, very noble, always loyal and invincible town of Porto! 

Looking for things to do in Porto? An itinerary for Porto?

Questo is a platform for city exploration games created by locals. Explore destinations by playing quests and solving challenges in order to discover new places and stories.

Throughout your journey, you will discover clues and stories that will immerse you into the fairytale atmosphere of one of the most charming and romantic places on Earth. 

Are you ready to find love on the narrow streets and steep slopes of Porto’s old district?

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Discover the city at your own pace!


  • See Porto by Sophia de Mello Breyner and Agustina Bessa-Luis.

  • Explore the Massarelos area, surrounded by colleges and full of student life.

  • Explore the famous art on our streets.

  • Enjoy the magnificent view of our city through the Crystal Palace.


Wolfram. A rare metal you've probably never heard of. It's 1940, Germany and Great Britain are at war, and wolfram is the most coveted metal of all.
You are Rose Garrett. People see you as a Garrett, benefiting from having a family with land rich in tungsten, but you see yourself as a businesswoman, you work for whoever pays the most. At the moment, Germany pays in solid gold, while Great Britain pays in credit.

But will you be able to do business with the Germans?

Price: 7.99 €

Distance: 3.5 km

Approximate duration: 65 to 95 minutes

Location:The route begins at the Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota and ends at the Botanical Garden.

Schedule: Please start playing between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm until March 25th and between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm from March 26th to be able to visit all locations.


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