Founded in 2002, Cantinho das Aromáticas is an organic farming farm that produces aromatic, medicinal and spice plants, in the same place where D. Pedro I and Dona Inês de Castro lived in the 14th century.

The farm has a botanical collection with more than 150 species of plants, including grenadiers, hedgehogs and bats, as well as a variety of birds and reptiles.

The visits cover the 2.5 hectares of open-air production, and pass through cultivated fields, gardens, greenhouses and drying areas.

Finally, they can buy one or more potted plants, as well as dried herbs for infusions and condiments; all this in Gaia, and with excellent access.

Don't miss this place with unique features in Western Europe!

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Book your guided tour now! Or come without a reservation and have a free visit.

Address: Rua do Meiral, 508, Vila Nova de Gaia

Visiting hours: Monday to Saturday. From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00 and on Saturday and holidays from 9:30 to 18:00. Closed on 1st January, 24th June, 1st November and 25th December;


1. free visit

2. guided tour with tasting of the day's infusion

3. or with commented infusion proof,

4. technical visit with the owner

Estimated duration: between 30 minutes (visit 1), 90 minutes (visit 2), 120 minutes (visit 3) and 180 (visit 4); Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for the guided tours.

Prior booking: essential for guided tours, at least 8 days in advance; unnecessary for free visits.


Contact: +351 227 710 301


Limit of people per visit: between 1 and 60 participants.

Minimum age: no

Price: from €6.5 per person on guided tours; free for free visits.

Includes 23% VAT