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Route created by Porto Secret Spots

Welcome to the ancient, very noble, always loyal and invincible town of Porto! 

Looking for things to do in Porto? An itinerary for Porto?

Questo is a platform for city exploration games created by locals. Explore destinations by playing quests and solving challenges in order to discover new places and stories.

Throughout your journey, you will discover clues and stories that will immerse you into the fairytale atmosphere of one of the most charming and romantic places on Earth. 

Are you ready to find love on the narrow streets and steep slopes of Porto’s old district?

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Discover the city at your own pace!


  • Discover some of the most intriguing places and love stories in Porto

  • Wander around Miragaia - the old fishermen district on the river front of Douro

  • Enjoy some of the most romantic spots to watch the sun set over the river, close to the Atlantic 

  • Admire some of Porto’s most vibrant pieces of urban art

  • Explore the rich history, majestic architecture and eye-candy tiles and facades of the UNESCO-World Heritage old town.


You are a young writer who has come to Porto to find a new subject for his next love novel. Stepping in the footsteps of other famous writers who had lived here, you are prepared to follow inspiration in the most hidden corners of the city. Will you find your muse on the streets of Porto and unearth a love story like no other? 

Price: €9.99

Distance: 3 km

Estimate duration: 100 minutes

Location: start the quest in Fonte dos Leões and reach the riverside of the Douro River.


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