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Explore a historic exhibition, with the span of 500 years;

Feel the interior of the Arena, a unique building in the country;

See the best view of the city - from the Cathedral to the sea;

Learn stories and legends of Porto;

Taste a delicious surprise at the top.

Porto 360 is the best place to start your days in Porto.

Come with us and discover the best view of Porto on an unique tour, an infinite view!


Rua de Dom Manuel II, Gardens of the Crystal Palace;

Access through Door 3 of the Super Bock Arena/

Rosa Mota Pavilion.

Visiting Hours

Every day.

(closed when there is a rain forecast)


Maximum 13 people with a guide.

Minimum age: 6 years old.

Estimated duration of 50 minutes

(arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time)

Ticket Office

Adult Ticket (>=13 years old): 12.5 €

Child Ticket (6-12 years old): 6,25 €

Friend Ticket: 8,5€*

Porto card: €8.50 (with presentation of Porto card)

Cross discount: 8.5 € (with presentation of a postcard or photograph of the visit of the Porto Bridge Climb)

* upon presenting a ticket for a concert at Super Bock Arena

For more information: 

Phone: +351 933 088 331


Guided tour by Porto Secret Spots

Located in the middle of the Crystal Palace Gardens, the Super Bock Arena -  Rosa Mota Pavilion is a landmark building in the city of Porto, designed by José Carlos Loureiro, that has recently been renovated.

It was built in the fifties of the 20th century on the site where for more than 80 years there was a "Crystal Palace", similar to those in London and Madrid.

Praça da Alegria - 14/09/2023
Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota tem o melhor miradouro do Porto / Portugal.
Borbo Leta

Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota tem o melhor miradouro do Porto / Portugal.

PORTO 360 Video Promo Vivem no Porto ou estão de passagem pela cidade e andavam à procura do melhor miradouro da cidade para tirar aquelas fotos que tanto gostam de partilhar no Instagram? Então não precisam de procurar mais. É agora possível chegar ao ponto mais alto da cúpula da Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota, que os responsáveis dizem ser o melhor miradouro da cidade do Porto. Por outras palavras, podem agora sentir a cidade a partir de um sítio muito especial. O miradouro de 360 graus oferece uma perspetiva única do Porto, desde a Boavista ao Marquês, da Ribeira até à Foz, e de alguns dos edifícios mais marcantes da cidade. Do alto da cúpula da Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota é possível ver o Porto e o Rio Douro como nunca, com vistas infinitas em todas as direções. Mas antes de lá chegarem, irão fazer uma visita pelo interior deste edifício marcante, guiadas por conhecedores da história do Palácio de Cristal. Falamos do edifício original, construído em 1865, e da sua substituição pelo Pavilhão dos Desportos em 1952, destacando alguns momentos até à atual Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota. No final, poderão desfrutar de uma experiência gastronómica no Food Court e passear pelos maravilhosos jardins do Palácio de Cristal. Como seria de esperar, as entradas não são grátis, uma vez que terão de pagar um bilhete que custa 12,50€. A idade mínima para participar é de 12 anos, sendo que esta experiência não é acessível a pessoas com mobilidade reduzida. Também não é uma atividade física muito exigente, mas envolve subir escadas. Para subir à icónica cúpula semiesférica, por exemplo, são 150 degraus que levam ao topo. A duração aproximada da visita é de 40 minutos, sendo que devem chegar ao local 15 minutos antes da hora marcada. A experiência pode ser feita com mais pessoas, até um máximo de 13 participantes, de acordo com as recomendações da DGS. Super Bock Arena


Alexandre Farinhote

Alexandre was born in Minho and grew up in Porto. He studied Art History, saw archaeological finds being unearthed and helped restore artifacts. He sailed on the Rhine and saw Germany through it, sailed on the Douro many times and took guided tours in the North of Portugal. He walked kilometers in the high mountains of Gerês and felt its nature.

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Elaine is certain: Porto has many peculiarities and little secrets. To know it, you have to experience it in different ways and perspectives. She is passionate about this city and especially seeing it from the top of the Arena. She loves to share impressions and experiences with visitors. For her, each visit is unique and a pleasure.

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Margarida Cunha

Margarida has concentrated countless talents at one meter and fifty-one. Her adventurous spirit made her go from exploring Asia to going to Fátima on foot. Visits with Margarida are full of stories and experiences that you will undoubtedly want to hear.


Alexandre Correia

Alex is one of the most recent additions to the Porto360 team! Always with a contagious smile and the energy needed to make climbing the SBA summit the best experience in town! He has an unshakable passion for Porto and will share it with everyone through all the stories and curiosities he has to tell! Whoever goes with him to the top can count on his tranquility and friendliness to provide a relaxing climb and enjoy every moment of the visit!

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Margarida Duarte

Margarida started her journey in Lisbon, but after discovering the richness of the city of Porto, she didn't hesitate and moved here. With a degree in tourism, she will take you to the top and tell you the best curiosities of the undefeated city!

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A tall, strong, dynamic and slightly robust young man who never let anyone fall from the top, in addition to applying security measures very well. With him a great visit awaits you, as long as you don't see the first part of this description as a challenge.

In addition to his robustness, we cannot fail to mention his talent for making everyone laugh and in a good mood!

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  • Where is the entrance of Porto 360?
    At door 1 of the Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion, in the heart of the Crystal Palace Gardens. Right next to the point identified on Google Maps as "Super Bock Arena - Pavilhão Rosa Mota".
  • Is going up to the dome of the Super Bock Arena - Rosa Mota Pavilion worth the effort (and the price)?
    We believe so, just like whoever has been there for the past 67 years (the roof was only completed in 1954, 2 years after the inauguration of the venue). Is it because it is an iconic building with immense views over Porto, from Ribeira to Foz, and Gaia, from Monte da Virgin to Afurada? Or because the visits are carried out safely in groups of up to 13 people, accompanied by a friendly guide? Or by peeking inside this revamped arena? Come and find out!
  • Who can climb to the dome?
    Anyone who can climb stairs independently and is 6 years old or older.
  • Is it possible to just book the places, without making the payment?
    No, all reservations require immediate payment. But you can also come to our reception and buy the tickets on the spot, as long as there are places available; here, you can pay with cash or debit or credit cards.
  • Can I bring my mobile phone or camera during the visit?
    For safety reasons, on the way up and down the stairs you are not allowed to use mobile phones and cameras. The reason is to ensure that we all have our hands free to hold the handrail along the stairs to avoid any accidents.
  • What happens if the visit is canceled by Porto 360?
    We may have to cancel your visit due to bad weather conditions or technical problems in the arena. These situations are very rare but may happen occasionally. In these cases, and according to your preference, we can reschedule your visit or ask for the complete refund.


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