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Guided tour by the team at Conservas Pinhais

In the heart of Matosinhos, Pinhais Canned Foods have been an unavoidable element of the Portuguese canning industry since 1920 and a world reference in the sector.

The visit Pinhais Living Museum includes the beautiful factory entrance hall (and its surprising staircase), goes through the different production areas with observation of the traditional and artisan work method. It finishes in the section in which each can is wrapped by hand, just like a Christmas present.


With limited production, each can of the Pinhais and NURI brands represents a special and unique masterpiece. Everything converges in a can of incomparable quality, which in some countries has become a cult product, a symbol of the best moments of life.

Meet the Pinhais family and all the affection and dedication with which they have been working for almost 100 years to offer what customers call "the best sardine in the world".

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Book your visit!

Household: Avenida Menéres 700, 4450-189 Matosinhos

Visiting hours: 09:30 - 16:00

Nov - Feb: Monday to Saturday (includes holidays)

Marc - Oct: Every day (including holidays)

Estimated duration: 90 minutes.

The shop and Can-Tin Café are open from 9am to 6pm.

Prior booking:


Phone: +351 22 243 42 75


Limit of people per visit:up to 15 people

Minimum age:0 years, provided accompanied by a family member

Price:  from €15 per person.

Child 0 - 4 years old (free);

Child 5 - 12 years (9 €);

Senior +65 (€12)

It is possible to add a wine tasting or customizable tin cans to the visit. Consult the prices of these visits on the Pinhais website.

© Images and video: Conservas Pinhais

Museu Vivo Pinhais: Opening Hours
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