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Knowing a house as a work of art;

See pieces that survived the Monastic orders extinction decree;

Learning what the horror of emptiness is;

Find out how they transform a room into a chapel;

Understand how a house in Porto can tell us part of the country's history;

Hear the story of the family that made the glass for the Serralves house and represented the firm that made the mirrors at Versailles.

Visiting Hours

Usually on Saturday and Sunday; also on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays; consult the available times.

 Booking is mandatory.


Up to 7 people per visit.

Minimum age =12 years

Estimated duration of 6minutes

(appear 10 minutes before the scheduled time)

The House is a cold space, so we recommend wearing a coat or something warmer.

Ticket Office

Ticket: €17 per person.

Includes VAT at the rate of 23%.

For more information: 

Phone: +351 933 088 331

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Guided tour by Porto Secret Spots

In Porto, in the middle of Rua Costa Cabral, 800 meters from the Marquês square, a inconspicuous house guards the unusual result of 30 years of life of a Porto resident. 

In the first half of the 20th century, Fernando de Castro put together a vast collection of paintings, sculptures, books and objects, as well as immense gilded carvings with which he created surprising environments. The result is a universe of its own where the creativity of the collector (who was also a caricaturist and poet) makes us feel at times in the palace of Versailles, at times in the Church of S. Francisco, at times only in the studio of an artist.
At Fernando de Castro House Museum, nothing was left to chance, and the density of the decoration is absolutely breathtaking.
Don't miss this unique experience!

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salazar - cmfc.jpg

(start 6'31'' and end 14'45'')


What is the meeting point for the visit?

  • The meeting point for the visit is at the main door of the House Museum. You must ring the bell and the guide will welcome you.

Is the guided tour of Casa Museu Fernando de Castro worth the effort (and price)?

  • We believe so! The guided tour allows you to discover the wonders in the house museum and get to know a house that has been transformed into a work of art.

Who can take the guided tour of the Casa Museu Fernando de Castro?

  • All persons aged at least 12 years old.

Is it possible to just book the seats, without making the payment?

  • No, all reservations require immediate payment, but you can purchase your visit through airbnb experiences.

Can I bring my cell phone or camera during the visit?

  • Yea! All photos are welcome, so you can bring whatever equipment you want, as well as take pictures at any time during the visit. All photos must be without flash. Filming is not allowed.

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