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Porto Secret Spots guided tour

A place to discover the history of time;

One man's passion for science;

Guided by students from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto;

An opportunity to discover the mechanisms that help us tell time;

A visit for lovers of time and stars.

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OA - reservas


Alameda do Monte da Virgen
4430-146   Vila Nova de Gaia

Coordinates: 41.106136970266554, -8.588385368895933.

Obs. Astro_29_20190522_DJI_0004.jpg

Visiting Hours

Saturdays at 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm.


Maximum 13 people with a guide.

Minimum age = 12 years ol.d

Estimated duration of 60 minutes

(appear 15 minutes before the scheduled time)

Ticket Office

regular ticket:€12 

Students and workers at the University of Porto: 10€

Payment by card only.

Phone: +351 933 088 331 

It is mandatory to make a reservation at least 24 hours before the visit.

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Guided tour by Porto Secret Spots

In Gaia, at the top of Monte da Virgen, there is a discreet Astronomical Observatory with a lot to teach.

Created in 1948 to complement Astronomy studies at the Faculty of Sciences, only 9 years later it opened its most notable instrument: the Mirror Meridian Circle.
It is a curious piece of equipment, so rare that there are only two more in the world, installed in a semi-cylindrical building, whose roof slides to allow precise observation of the passage of stars through the local meridian.
What would their two telescopes be used for at the time? And what are they for now?

Come and appreciate its unusual beauty, and understand how time has been measured over time!


What is the meeting point for the visit?

  • The meeting point will be at the observatory's main building (the building with the sign saying "Observatory".

Is the guided tour of the OA worth the effort (and the price)?

  • We believe so! The guided tour allows you to see very rare equipment, as well as understand how time was measured over time.

Who can take the OA guided tour?

  • All persons with a minimum age of 4 years old.

Is it possible to just book the seats, without making the payment?


  • Yes, you can contact us to make the reservation and payment is made before the visit starts.

Can I bring my cell phone or camera during the visit?

  • Yea! All photos are welcome, so you can bring whatever equipment you want, as well as take pictures at any time during the visit. Filming is not allowed.

What happens if I am unable to attend the visit?

  • If you are unable to attend the visit, you can reschedule or request a refund.

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