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Treasure Hunt - Siege of Porto: The Fight for Freedom

Route created by Porto Secret Spots

Join this adventure to discover a different Porto. This treasure hunt will take you along paths and places marked by the siege of Porto. From the Military Museum to the Church of Lapa, this treasure hunt will make you explore the city in a very different way, bringing you closer to the history of the Invicta and making you also a fighter in search of freedom!


Are you ready for a walk to discover a lesser-known Porto?

info quest 2


Discover the city at your own pace!


  • The short stories of the rebellion in Porto and the siege of Porto;

  • The Freedom Square;

  • The Lapa church and the heart of Dom Pedro;

  • Learn more about the ancient, very noble, always loyal and undefeated city of Porto;

  • The Republic Square;

  • Learn more about the Portuguese dictatorship "Estado Novo";


It's 1946, the dictator Salazar has been in power for a decade, but dictatorships are in decline.

You are Artur Souzão. You work for the state police as an intelligence officer, but nothing is as it seems. Your family, for centuries, was part of a group that helped the people to rise up, also now, to end the dictatorship. Something was found in the old city hall records, something almost sacred.

It's your time to act! Small steps, Arthur! Small steps…

Price: Free (still in testing phase)

Distance: 4.5 km;

Estimate duration: 90 minutes;

Location: starts at Rua do Heroísmo 329,  next to the Porto Military Museum.


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